SpotLab's Homegoods: A Natural Extension of Creativity and Craftmanship

SpotLab's Homegoods: A Natural Extension of Creativity and Craftmanship


Welcome to SpotLab's latest endeavor into the realm of homegoods! As a design and build company, we have always sought to push the boundaries of creativity and craftsmanship, and this venture feels like a natural extension of our vision.

For us, the launch of our homegoods line is not just an introduction; it's an evolution. We've been on a quest to incorporate products into our line that stem from our construction and renovation projects. It's all about the fusion of innovation and practicality that we bring to our design and building projects.

Our journey into creating a diverse product line was born out of a longstanding desire held by the owners of SpotLab. They've harbored aspirations of launching a product line that would encapsulate the essence of their creativity and expertise. And now, that dream is becoming a reality.

SpotLab's homegoods line won't be constrained by any limits other than our creativity. The intention is to curate a vast range of products that reflect quality, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Each item in our collection is a testament to our dedication to design excellence.

But there's more to SpotLab's products than just functionality and aesthetic appeal. There's a lighthearted and fun quality that you will always find in what we produce. We believe that practicality should coexist with playfulness, and that's reflected in every creation we bring to life.

At the heart of this new line lies our flagship creation - the Spot & Post pegboard system. Originating from a recent renovation project in Brooklyn, where we designed customized pegboards and corresponding components, this system stood out as a game-changer. The success and positive feedback from this endeavor fueled our passion to create a modular product accessible to everyone.

The Spot & Post system embodies the convergence of design innovation and adaptability. It's our way of offering a versatile solution that transcends boundaries, catering to diverse needs and spaces.

Stay tuned as we continue to unveil more innovative and versatile products that will bring a touch of SpotLab's creativity, craftsmanship, and playful spirit to your home.